Paint your favourite Again again Seers insane I hate you All you feel Is pain your favourite feeling Ideas stealing Feelings change I still hate you Painting arms dealing fairs You’ve got your memories I’ve got no cares Beware Strange feelings Don’t send me there Where riches bewitch the riches I’m bewitched by the pictures you paint Fiction’s a promise you make Again again Paint worlds where it’s all so easy It’s so sad Who’s had love Had pain Which leads us to the question Where do you get off Soft lines Offerings of bad advice Like That’s nice I’m not blind to the signs I describe my feelings We’re not speaking Shh, it’s a secret Meet with the masters Aghast at the moral decay Old Master Disaster In love with the past What can I say Save it for later, pater On the day we met You said you were a failure Unveil your happy tears Oil varnish veneers The tears of pain How can you explain to me The passing of time To be fuller in black Painting ballast To a cast of virgins and whores Men’s problems What bores All their laws What fors and why Why does anyone care what anything means I’m a child enthroned in narrative scenes So paint your favourite Machines savour What you want from the world Is it rapture See how the artist captures the feeling Healing picture on the ceiling Believe in your favourite false god Are you lost Crazy thing is nothing can stop The passing of time We met at mine Now we design excuses Why we do this to ourselves Again again Paint your favourite Portrait of the same mistake Again again We’re all winners When the ways of the world makes a sinner Bad behaviour at dinner In a world of your own Now breathe Oil and thinner’s all you need All you read is self-help books Beginner’s luck See a look that says everything Suspended We swim in the sense this is it So take it Paint your favourite Paint it from memory Fading feelings Changing the colours in a face I’m defenceless Paint your favourite world This is endless